Saturday, November 24, 2007

Where oh where does the time go?

It seems only yesterday I was looking forward to the long weekend. Turkey day with family, crazy early morning shopping with my hubby. Oh and my kids staying at my parent's house for the weekend. That is actually the highlight of my weekend! How horrible am I? I just really look forward to them having a little vacation. Cause I want them to be happy and have fun with my mom. Yea, that's it. It has NOTHING to do with me getting a break from the everyday mundane aspect of being a mom. I mean, yea, I love it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. But having a day or two off. Ahh,,,heaven! But alas they are back. Back to eating me out of house and home. Back to fighting over the TV. Back to fighting. But my little angels are all home again. Which signals the end of my little weekend reprieve. Which wasn't actually a whole weekend but it was two nights so I am not complaining. And Mike and I were able to have some quality time alone (as long as you don't count the two cats and the dog who were constantly vying for our attention since their brothers and sister(the kids) weren't home). Anyway, tomorrow Caitey and I are going to a baby shower and then Monday it starts all over again. At least for me. My kids have off. Funny thing PA. They give kids off on the first day of hunting season. Crazy huh?

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