Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heading out for the weekend

So tomorrow I am heading to Atlantic City for the weekend and let me tell you, I am ready! I need a break in a bad way. If only it were to someplace warm and tropical...Oh well, it is a get-a-way so I can't complain too much.

So wish me luck on the slots! Maybe I will get lucky and maybe I will even win a little money. :)

One more thing.....Head over to my friend Gina's blog. She is having a challenge in Feb. If you blog once a day for a week, you will be entered into a drawing. Pretty cool, right? So check her out here.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!

Short week this week as we are going to Atlantic City this weekend. Yeehaw!

Monday: Chicken Parmesan, salad, garlic toast

Tuesday: chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, spinach

Wednesday: General's chicken, rice, egg rolls

Thursday: breakfast

Friday: Off to AC baby!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Any teachers out there? Or anyone else with an opinion...

How do you know if the journey you are on, is actually the journey you are supposed to be on? Now I know some of you will say if you are on that journey, you are supposed to be there. Or something to that effect. But I am clearly on a path. I am working towards a degree in education and question on a daily basis if I made a mistake...Do I really want to be a teacher? I just don't know. Some days I think yes. I mean, it makes sense. It is a good job for a mother. You have off pretty much whenever your kids are off. You have most of the summer off (a very good thing), and the pay isn't horrible. I mean, I know it could be better but it's not bad. I don't think anyone goes into this field expecting to get rich. I mean, we want to work with children. We want to help people. We want to feel fulfilled. Right? Whenever I have done student teaching I have loved being in the classroom. Of course I am not the one planning lessons and responsible for those kids actually learning something. And another thing, does it get terribly redundant? It seems like it could get quite boring teaching the same thing year after year. And what about the abusive parents and the poor sad cases that you are bound to come across? How do you cope with that? And administrators.... How do you deal with all of the PC bull shit that you have to deal with on a daily basis? In case you don't know this, I am quit conservative. Not your typical public school teacher. Anyway, back to my question? How do I know if I am doing the right thing? I am half way through. I will have my AA at the end of this semester, in elementary ed. Then I transfer to a University to finish my degree. So now really is probably when I should figure this out right? If I keep going and decide I don't want to teach, what else can I do with an elementary ed degree? I definitely would not want to go into social work. That would be way too stressful. But I think I would want to do a job where I work with people, probably families or maybe just kids..I don't know. I think it would be fun to work in an adoption agency. Or maybe not. Since I don't actually know what they do.. I just think it would be lovely to help unite couples with children. To help make families. That would be so cool. Another thing that I think I would like is working in a college as an advisor. I being much older than the majority of college students, find them quite interesting and kind of cute. I really like those 18-20 year olds. They are so full of energy and on the cusp of starting everything. It is exciting to me. So what kind of education would I need to do that? I guess I should go talk to my advisor huh? lol I think part of the problem with this decision making is that I really would like to just continue being a stay at home mom. That is where my heart really is. I loved being home with my kids. That is all I ever really wanted to do. Be a homemaker. Crazy huh? So how did I end up going back to school? I really don't know. All I know is I do enjoy school (most of the time). I enjoy the interaction with students and teachers. I like learning new things and not having my degree has always been a sore spot for me. I have always felt like a loser because of it. But I have had to give up so much for school. For one thing, it cost a lot. We will be in debt for a long time after I am finished school. See, we make too much to get financial aid but have too much debt to afford to just pay for school. Another thing I have given up is just being home with my kids. Being there when they get home from school. I am there many days but not all. That is hard. Relying on friends, etc. to help me out. Especially when I wish I was the one there. And my house is a mess. So disorganized. I wish I had the time and energy to take care of it the way I want to. It is very frustrating to me. I don't feel that I can ever quite catch up. So, there you have it. My rant for the evening. If anyone has any words of wisdom, bring em on!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Tuesday OK?

So....... I missed menu plan Monday but technically, I didn't miss it since last week I included this weeks menu. Or at least part of it. So, since I know there are millions of people (2.5) reading my blog looking for my gourmet menus, I figured I would go ahead and post it today anyway. On a Tuesday. Whatever, get over it.

Monday: (yea, I know, yesterday) we had oven fried chicken, harvest potatoes, spinach, homemade French bread

Tuesday: Crock pot pork and sour kraut, mashed potatoes, cranberries, corn , homemade Italian bread

Wed: Spaghetti, meat sauce, zuccini

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Homemade pizza with homemade crust

Saturday: I have no idea?? Maybe out since we are getting a new car

Sunday: crab cakes,seasoned oven fries and shrimp

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday, the new Friday...

Or at least for me it is. Yea! It is Thursday! That means, no school tomorrow, no work, no nuthin. I can stay home and veg in front of the idiot box if I want to. Of course realistically I have a crap load of homework to do so I wont be vegging in front of the television. I will be doing homework and running to the grocery store to buy ingredients for tomorrow evenings dinner. We are going on our monthly traveling dinner party with our neighbors. I am bringing a side dish. Potatoes something or other. I cant remember what it is called. I had it over the holidays though and it was really good. It has corn flakes in it so come on, of course it was good. haha. Anyway, Saturday we have a wedding to go to. Or at least the reception part as the couple decided to run to the Court House instead of going traditional. And it is not a shot gun wedding. Go figure! Sunday we are having dinner at a friends house. I am pretty excited I get to go an entire weekend without cooking dinner. Lucky me! Anyway, hope you all have something fun or interesting or exciting planned for this weekend.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Monday!

You know what that means????

Now that the spring semester has started, I am going to try to either keep Tue and TH easy or do crock pot meals. In the past on school days, I frequently did easy meals. Like gourmet hot dogs (hot dogs wrapped in a crescent roll). Or cheeseburgers. Now don't get me wrong, those items will appear on my menu again, but I am attempting to make more meals from scratch and trying to not feed my family the (evil) processed foods. Paying more attention to what we are eating. It's all about baby steps though. I wouldn't want them (the family) to go into shock or anything. So here is the menu for the next 10 days.
Monday: Spaghetti with Italian sausage and salad
Tuesday: Crock pot roast chicken, mashed potatoes, spinach
Wednesday: Chicken noodle soup(made from leftover chicken) grilled cheese
Thursday: Pot roast in crock pot, slaw, potatoes
Friday: Homemade pizza(anyone have a good dough recipe that can be made in a bread machine)?
Saturday: Wedding
Sunday: dinner at mom and dads house
Monday: Chicken Parmesan, zuccini
Tuesday: Pork and sour kraut in crock pot, mashed potatoes, beans
Wednesday: Coq au Vin alla Italiana, with egg noodles and spinach

Sunday, January 13, 2008


What's all the buzz about? The Bee Movie! We went to see this movie today. (I know it has been out for months-we are slow, okay?) It was playing at the dollar movie (that is actually $2.00 but whatever, still really cheap). We all really enjoyed it. Even Mikey who is 14 thought it was funny. I think the funniest part was when Pooh bear got shot with a tranquilizer gun. That in itself was funny but the couple of kids behind me that started crying made it all the funnier. I know, I know. I am cruel. Anyway, it will probably be out on video any day now so if you haven't yet seen it, do not hesitate. It is a great movie. Fun for all ages. Unless you like Pooh.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well, I pretty much suck....

I made it 8 whole days! And on the 9th day, spaced out and forgot to post. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. haha

Today is my first day back to school. I am taking not one math class this semester, but two. Yes, you read me right. I am taking two math classes and a writing course. God help us all.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What kind of coffee girl are you?

You Are a Soy Latte

Yeah, you've got a bit of that healthy hippie thing going onBut you're more Kate Hudson urban bohemian than Phish groupieYou're worldly and well traveled.. and you know where to get the best coffee in town.All your experience makes you a compassionate person - and a caring girlfriend.

What Kind of Coffee Girl Are You?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Someone is having a contest!

A Cowboy’s Wife is having a contest on her food blog! You can win a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer and she’ll ship anywhere so everyone is eligible!
The Prize:
The winner will receive a brand new Hamilton Beach 4.5-qt. Eclectrics Stand Mixer, Pineapple Yellow!!
About the mixer:
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's Monday! You know what that means....

Menu Plan Monday!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday: lasagna
Wednesday- pork n sour kraut in crock pot and mashed potatoes
Thursday-Chicken tacos, black beans and rice
Friday- spinach Pizza and pepperoni pizza
Saturday- split pea soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
Sunday-chicken teriyaki

I may have to change Sunday's menu to spaghetti because Mikey needs to prepare a meal for us for his Tech Ed class (or what we knew as Home Ec back in the old days) and that is what he wants to make.

no title

I have no idea what to title this post so I just figured no title works. Yesterday was Mikes birthday. We celebrated with a little seafood. Steamed clams and shrimp and crab bisque. Then friends stopped over for cake and ice cream. It was great. After cake, we had a lot of guitar hero going on. We are starting to get pretty good and Brooks is becomming quite a little rocker. So cute. Mike predicts all of the rock songs on there will make a come back. I have to say I agree after watching the kids who have rarely if ever heard the music on guitar hero 3 all singing their little hearts out. Cute stuff.

SO today we are going to my parents for dinner and then back to school for the kids tomorrow. Poor dears. They actually have a full week of school. How ever will they cope?

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I am in guitar hero hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, so maybe I am just as addicted to this darned thing as the rest of the family. But hello??? There are 5 of us all fighting over it and when I am done, I am done. I want my TIVO back. Nuf said.

Friday, January 4, 2008

They don't come any cuter than this...

Since I really have nothing to say, I thought I would share a picture of my baby.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


So tell me, what makes Iowa and New Hampshire and I don't know, whoever else does this whole caucus thing such an important or relevant part of the whole election thing? I mean really, do you think there is something in the water in Iowa that makes them better able to say who should run for president? I just don't get it. Personally, I am praying that Clinton doesn't win. For one thing, she is not NOT the candidate with the most experience. Despite the fact that she SAYS she is. Also, she is a liar. OK, that probably makes her a better politician. But how many time did she says he wasn't going to run for president? I mean, really. She said it like 9,240,450,000 times. I know, because I counted! She was so devoted to New York. Yea right. Liar! And Obama. Now there is a man with a lot to say. Sorry. I am not buying it. I do not think he is prepared to run the country and frankly, it scares the piss out of me to think that a Dem, any Dem, may get elected and will want to 1. pull out of Iraq immediately. OK now I admit I would love for this war to be over. I don't like it any more than anyone else but pulling out before the job is done is just dumb. DUMB! and 2. Universal health care. Really dumb idea. DUMB. Just talk to a Canadian. Nuf said.

On to lighter stuff. Head over to my pal Leeanns site. She is running a contest and the prize is awesome, great, fantastic!!! SO go on, do it. You wont regret it. Promise!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day two and not doing so well

This is only day two of the blog 365 challenge and I just barely am getting this little post in. I don't have a lot to say. Nothing particularly interesting or witty. Sorry! I will try to do better tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully, you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve like I did. Surrounded by friends and family and lots of seafood and alcohol. What more could a girl ask for? Oh yea, and chocolate too!

Today is the first day of the Blog 365 challenge. We shall see if I can actually do it. You know, post every day in 2008. If I was a betting gal, I would bet that I will not be able to post every day but ya just never know.

So today we got up really late and decided to go to the movies. We saw Wil Smiths new movie "I am Legand" and it was pretty good. My 14 year old thought it was a little boring. My husband thought that they should have spent more time showing how the virus spread. I agree. It was good but it could have been better.

Then we all came home and played a little guitar hero and made some leftovers for dinner. Overall a very lazy and relaxing day. I needed that as I am nursing a hangover from last night.

Tomorrow the kiddos head back to school and the husband goes back to work. I am looking forward to them all being out of the house and me getting a little peace and quiet. I feel like I am getting a cold so not sure how well I will be feeling but hopefully, I will be up for taking down the tree and putting the Christmas stuff away. I really feel that this season went sooo fast. It seems we just started shopping and decorating and now it is all over. It is kind of anti-climatic ya know? I also want to put my pictures on the computer and post some of them here. So check back tomorrow and see if I can do it...Post every day. Place your bets on how long I last. haha!