Sunday, January 6, 2008

no title

I have no idea what to title this post so I just figured no title works. Yesterday was Mikes birthday. We celebrated with a little seafood. Steamed clams and shrimp and crab bisque. Then friends stopped over for cake and ice cream. It was great. After cake, we had a lot of guitar hero going on. We are starting to get pretty good and Brooks is becomming quite a little rocker. So cute. Mike predicts all of the rock songs on there will make a come back. I have to say I agree after watching the kids who have rarely if ever heard the music on guitar hero 3 all singing their little hearts out. Cute stuff.

SO today we are going to my parents for dinner and then back to school for the kids tomorrow. Poor dears. They actually have a full week of school. How ever will they cope?


Leeann said...

Hey Nic,

You just popped up on my blogreader. I think it does not bode well for you that you are already Untitling your posts and it is Jan. 6! LOL!

Happy birthday to Mike. We should pit Brooks and Chris against each other in Guitar Hero. LOL


Ginaagain said...

My kids played guitar hero in the car all the way to and home from CA. It was a very effective way of keeping them from fighting.

nicrogers said...

Hey Leeann, can't you do it online? Like, they could play against one another online. And gina, playing in the car...Did they use headphones? That is pretty cool that they played in the car.