Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life and stuff...

So, sorry I haven't posted lately. I am so seriously busy right now. Blah blah blah. You know the drill. School, kids, family, etc. This time of year always just comes crashing down on me at once. You would think I would see it coming by now. End of semester = last minute papers and stuff to get in, then exams in a week. Plus, add onto that all of the Christmas activities. Kids have lots of stuff at school happening, parties, etc. You know. Fun stuff. Really. I am serious, I know that is hard to believe but totally serious here...I love this time of year. But I am overwhelmed. SO you will have to forgive me for not posting every day. Sorry!

OK so that said, have I mentioned how proud I am of my girl? She is doing soooo well at school. She is such a very conscientious student these days. I never, ever would have expected this complete change in her. Last year she seemed to struggle so much more. I know a lot of that was social stuff. We live in a small town. Rural area. Small, very small school. So if one kid says your a dork, they all believe it and you are now a dork for the next 180 days. But this year, she is in a bigger school with lots of new kids and is just blooming! I am so happy for her. Now don't get excited. We do not allow her to run around, going to football games with high school kids (even though according to her everyone else at her school is allowed to). But she seems to be finding her way anyway. I think there is a part of every parent who hopes their child is one of the "popular" kids but you know what? I am glad my daughter is exactly who she is. True, she is not one of the most popular, or cool kids. But she is so much safer this way. I was at her school this evening for conferences and saw one of her classmates from last year. This is one of the "popular" kids. This little 12 year old girl looked like she was 18? She is a cheerleader so she was wearing her little cheer leading outift. Which in all reality is quite cute. But little miss popular is heading down a road I am soo happy my daughter is not on. I really worry about some of these little girls. Who think it is cool to look like a woman at 12. To act like a little slut at 12. To take naked pictures of themselves and post them on the web, at 12. So yea, I guess a part of me always hoped my daughter would be one of the cool kids but you know what? Being cool isn't all that cool. I am happy she is just a normal 12 year old girl who isn't all that interested in boys yet, who loves christian rock, and stays in on Friday night with her family laughing and playing games and surfing the web with her webkinz....instead of hanging out at a High School football game getting into god knows what kind of trouble. Yup, I will take my average kid over a popular kid any day.


Leeann said...


I totally agree with you. Elementary school life was painful with my Katie too and sometimes I wished she wasn't so socially inept. But just like your Caitey, she found her way in middle school and now I am so grateful that she is who is, grounded and more sure of who she is than who other people want her to be. It wasn't an easy road and I am sure there are bumps coming along the way but man, right now I am so pleased and grateful for where she is.

And I was thinking of you the other day when Kate finally broke down and asked for a doll (some Bratz doll that you can use on the computer?) because I also thought it would be the Christmas of no dolls here also.

I love my little girl. As I said on my blog one time "Let that geek flag fly, girlfriend!"


PS- I can see a lot of you in that picture, Nic!

nicrogers said...

Leeann! So funny about the Bratz doll that you use online because Caitey also hinted around that it looks like I think she is a little shy to admit that she would like it. Maybe I will get it as a surprise. Our one last doll.

Oh and everyone tells Caitey that we look alike. Poor kid! lol Seriously, she is so much prettier than I am. :)