Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Survey

My friend Mer, emailed me this survey and since I thought it was so much fun, I thought I would post it here.

1. Get kissed under the mistletoe or in the snow?Mistletoe-I hate snow.

2. Santa or Rudolph?Ick, neither. lol Oh wait, if your not talking about "doing" Santa or Rudolf, I guess I would have to say Santa. The big guy always come through Christmas morning so he is the bomb!

3. Stocking or presents? Um, presents of course!

4. Egg nog or hot cider? Hot cider is repulsive. I love eggnog. Especially the spiked variety but omg, it is soo fattening. But if you are looking for a GREAT eggnog recipe check out this recipe. My friend Janet posted it on and it is a hit each year. Amazingly good eggnog
5. Angel or star?
Both. One tree with an angel and one with a star :)

6. Decorating the tree, or putting lights on the outside?
Decorating the tree....Yeah!!!

7. Warm cozy fires or sleigh rides?: Warm cozy I said snow is no good!

8. Family time or friend time?Both

9. Expensive presents or presents that come from the heart?Expensive presents! (That come from the heart) ;)

10. Snow ball fight or snowman? snowball fight. If I have to be out in the snow, someone is going to pay for it. hehe...

11. Coal or present?Who would say coal? Seriously!!!

12. Open presents quick or slow?Slow all though it never happens that way.

13. Diamonds or rubies?Diamonds baby!

14. Caroling or Christmas stories?caroling

15. Snowy days or ice days?Snowy!! All though my kids had great fun last winter when we had a lot of ice on top of snow. They were flying on their sleds in the field behind our house. It did look like fun but I didn't try it. That would have entailed me going out in the snow and since I hate snow, that just doesn't work.

16.Red or Green?red


1. Best Christmas present received? Honestly, I don't know. I remember as a kid I really wanted this horse that you could get on and rock and it sort of galloped across the room. It was really expensive though and I didn't expect to get it. But I did. I was so happy.I didn't have that thing an entire day before my older brother broke it.

2. What's the number one thing you want for Christmas?I would love a diamond necklace.

3. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe?Yes

4. Age you stopped believing in Santa clause:? I have no idea how old I was but I remember lying in bed as a kid and waiting to hear santa. Then I would hear the stairs to the attic open(they squeaked) and then I would hear my parents make several trips up and down the steps. lol So I guess I was fairly young when I realized the truth but had a younger brother and sister who I kept the secret for. When I had kids we started from when they were very young cleaning out their toys in the Fall and made a big production of their picking toys to donate to the poor. We also always would sponsor a child for each of them through church. Well they eventually asked us why santa didn't give poor kids toys. That was when we came up with the story that santa only brings each child one toy(and he doesn't give electronics-eliminating the questions about why santa wouldn't bring that latest gadget that we couldn't afford). SO they were told that the toys we donated were so that the poor kids would get more than just that one santa gift. That satisfied that question and it also explains why mom does so much shopping around the holidays. So, long story short, my kids up until last year all still believed. Now my two oldest I am pretty sure do not believe(they are in 7th grade) but they have never asked. My youngest who is 9 has recently asked but we said of course he is real! What are you nuts? lol Shut him up.

5. Do you send thank you notes?Well, I used to always send thank you notes. ALWAYS! But in the past two years since going back to school, I haven't sent one note. I feel really bad about that. But I cant help it. I just dont have time.Actually, I guess that isn't quite true. I manage to find time to get on here so I guess I have no excuse. I am just a big ole slacker. I do try to thank everyone personally though and do appreciate their thoughtfulness.

6. Did you wake your parents up early to open presents?Yes! OF course. Sometimes it was still dark. Actually, it was probably always still dark. But they would make us wait. We would all sit at the top of the stairs and wait until they 1. took showers. 2. made coffee 3. turned on all the lights 4. set up the video camera 5. sat down and then yelled OK you can come down now! Oh but they had to take the requisite top of the stairs picture first! Great fun! We make our kids suffer in a similar fashion. lol

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