Friday, December 28, 2007

Thank you GOD!

We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids of course were extremely happy about the Wii under the tree. They have played it pretty much non stop since Christmas day. I am really glad we were able to score one. If your still looking, I hope you can get one soon. It is tons of fun!

On to more important stuff....Mikey(soon to be 14 on New Years Eve) went hunting with his Grandfather and Uncles. This is his first hunting trip. He was really excited about going. Everything was going just fine. He called several times and we knew he was really enjoying himself. I was not at all nervous. I know he is in good hands. But today on my way to my parents house to drop off my younger two kids for a couple nights with their cousins, I got the call that we parents all dread. The one that makes your stomach turn to a vat of acid and your legs turn to jello. My husband called me and asked me if Mikey is allergic to anything?...Of course I immediately knew that this was not good. You don't get a call asking about allergies when everything is hunky dory. I told him that no, he is not allergic to anything. Why? What's wrong? Mike goes on to tell me (while on the phone with the HOSPITAL) that Mikey was shooting a gun and something hit him in the head. OK, Mike was acting very calm so I am thinking it was, I don't know, something not so serious. Otherwise, he would not be so calm. SO I felt better(despite being told something hit my son in the head while shooting a gun). Turns out the gun kicked back and put a gash in his head. He is OK 5 stitches later and no broken nose. Thank you GOD! When they got back to the farm he called and said he wanted to stay. I said "OK. No problem! Just don't fire that same gun again until your head heels". lol Oy! It could have been bad but it is really just a right of passage. He got to almost 14 years old without stitches or a broken bone so that is pretty darn good. SO we are thanking God that he was not seriously injured and I guess he is just happy to still be with the "guys" on his maiden hunting trip. I doubt he will forget it soon.

So tomorrow I plan to do some cleaning around the house and then on Sunday the family is all coming home and my sister and brother and their families and my parents, cousin and aunt are all coming up for dinner and a little birthday celebration for Mikey's birthday.

On Monday for New Years Eve we will be having our annual New Years Eve party. We are sad one of our good friends wont be able to make it this year but plan to have fun with the rest of our friends and ring in the new year. Since it is Mikey's actual birthday I told him I would honor his request for clams for dinner so we will be steaming shrimp and clams, have crab appetizers as well as maybe some seafood bisque and who knows what else. We usually do a pretty big seafood dinner.

On New Years day we usually have family up for dinner but since they are coming on Sunday this year we plan to relax and just recover from two days of partying. Maybe take the kids to a movie and then to bed early for them because they go back to school on Wed.

So that's it. I will try to post some pictures soon. Hope everyone has a very happy New Years Eve and enjoys their family and friends and stays safe!

Go hug your kids.

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Leeann said...

gosh,Nic,that had to have been terribly scary! I am glad he is fine and was able to stay. That could have been a much more serious outcome for sure! Tell him happy birthday from us. Trey's was today and it was a good one!