Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have a weird kid...

I lost part of a filling the other day. It is in a molar that I have been warned will eventually need to get a crown on because there is not much tooth left. I was blessed(not) with my mothers wonderful, soft, teeth. My youngest son Brooks was also blessed with them. Lucky boy. So today I had to go have that tooth fixed. Luckily it was not a big deal and I didn't need Novocaine or anything. A good thing because Brooks was with me and he was there to get a tooth pulled. I knew they would be numbing him and I didn't think it was a good idea for him to watch as they numbed me. But he insisted he wanted to watch. In any case, no Novocaine for me. So, Brooks watched closely asking the dentist if he likes his job and if dentist make a lot of money. Oy! Watching the dentist work is the last thing I would want to do. I can barely stand to be in the office with the smells and sounds. Ick! So after I was finished, it was his turn. The doc stuck the needle in and did his little wiggle trick so that Brooks didn't feel the pinch, and before we knew it, he was numb. Did I mention Brooks is the only kid on earth that actually laughs when getting Novocaine? Yea, he is that weird. So while we were waiting for the numbing to take full effect, he asked me how they were going to pull it. I explained that they have these great big pliers, like the jaws of life firefighters use, and they will just yank it out. He of course knew I was kidding. He is used to me, don't worry, I didn't cause any irreversible damage....Not today anyway. So then I quickly told him that they would probably just put a little pliers around the tooth and pull it out. Which is exactly what they did. It took about 30 seconds. He thought it was very, very cool but was a bit disappointed that they didn't need to use a hammer and chisel to get it out. So that's my weird kid. Loves getting Novocaine, loves having teeth pulled. A masochist in the making? I hope not but geesh, he is pretty weird right?

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