Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stuff and more stuff

So, I know that I haven't posted in a few days so I will just do a big ole update..Nothing terribly exciting but you know, life none the less. So lets see...

Friday night had a wonderful evening out with friends. Each month some friends of ours (about 6 couples) get together for dinner. We call it our travelling dinner party and the host decides on the main course and the guests bring all of the sides, etc. We played guitar hero(my first time) and it was so much fun! I am totally hooked!

Saturday we went Christmas shopping and then just spent the evening home. In the middle of the night the electric went out. No heat, no electric, no television and gasp! No internet! Also, the saddest thing of all is the beautiful tree in my front yard split in half from the ice. What a mess! I am really sad about it. I hope that the rest of the tree will recover but I seriously doubt that it will.

Sunday, went to church and when we got home our friend Tim, was in our yard with a chain saw ready to help us cut the branches up. Now that is what I call a good friend. And, by now the electric was back on. Yea! Sunday evening we went to a concert that was sponsored by the Diocese of Harrisburg. The group led by Martin Doman is awesome. We really enjoy his work and miss him as he used to be the music director at our church. Check out his web site Martin Doman, you can even buy his cd's. He really is wonderful.

OK, so then Monday, went up to the kids school and wrapped 300 + books to give out to the students for Christmas. Then came home and wrapped gifts for our friends and family.

That brings me to today. Today I spent the day baking Christmas cookies.

Are we having fun yet?

So of course the rest of the week will be taken up with preparing for Christmas, baking more cookies, going to a couple of parties, all that fun stuff.

And onto more pressing business....Menu plan Monday (again on Tuesday) Sorry!!!

Monday: Spaghetti and Italian sausage

Tuesday: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, corn

Wednesday: chicken and rice

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Going to a Christmas party

Sunday: Dinner at Mom and Dads


Leeann said...


Fun update. You are having a lot of good times this Christmas season, you party animal. lol

Rob is getting the Guitar Hero for the Wii for Christmas. I am looking forward to playing it with him!

I am excited about you adopting a baby. Do you guys have a general time frame yet?

What is your recipe for Salisbury Steak?


nicrogers said...

I am jealous of Rob! I thought about getting it for Mike. I will probably just wait until after Christmas and get it.

As for adoption, at this point, it is still a dream, but I am thinking about a domestic adoption of a bi-racial or black baby. I would really want to adopt an infant but I tell you, start looking at the web sites of all the children looking for a home and it will break your heart.

My recipe for salisbury steak is one that I got from allrecipes.com. I tried it for the first time this week and it was OK. Tasty but kind of fell apart easily. Anyway, cut and paste..http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Salisbury-Steak-Deluxe/Detail.aspx