Saturday, December 22, 2007

If you think you like breakfast in bed......

Try breakfast in jacuzzi tub. Yup, that's right. Mike totally redeemed himself (from the little salt incident). I decided I could use a nice long soak in the tub this morning. Just me, my book, my coffee, two cats and a dog. Yup, just an intimate little group. And Mike, the dear sweet husband that he (sometimes) is, brought me a delicious breakfast of an omelet and toast. He even remembered catsup. I have to admit, breakfast isn't really high on my list of things that I like, and breakfast in bed usually leaves me feeling way too full and lazy. But breakfast in the bathtub? Lets just say everyone should try it. For one thing, your naked. Who doesn't enjoy eating naked? For another thing, your in the tub. SO any crumbs just wash away. No worries about getting anything (like globs of catsup) on your clothes either cause your naked. Its a wonderful thing. So try it sometime. Really. It's a very good thing. :)

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Leeann said...

ROFL! Nic, you are on a roll. And hats off to Mike. Very sweet of him. We slept in here. I got up at 10:30, Rob was still asleep. I made French Toast with challah bread and kate took a tray up to Rob. Very easy morning. Then I started a disturbing documentary called Jesus Camp. I'm getting ready to take a bath and then we'll see what, if anything, we want to do today.

See that? Who needs further proof that my favorite animal is a sloth.