Friday, December 7, 2007


Finally, after 15 weeks of dragging myself to school 4 days a week. After 15 weeks of homework and papers and tests, and other crap that tortures every student, finals are finally here. "It's the most wonderful tiiiime, of the year"... (Did you just sing along? I know you did, just go ahead and admit it)...Not really. But it does signal the end of another semester- which my friends, is a very good thing! So while I would like to be cleaning my house (yea right). And while I can't wait to tackle the 9 loads of dirty laundry and the three baskets of clean laundry that is littering my house, (bahaha) I will be doing none of that fun stuff. Nope, no- sir-e-bob! I will be studying my butt off. Cause I have a hellacious algebra final that is threatening to torture me. How you ask? Well, I will tell you. If I don't get a C in this freaking class, I have to take it all over again. Yes, that is right. I have to spend another 15 weeks of torture 4 days a week learning algebra. I am shaking in my Uggs here people. I do not want to repeat this class! It has almost completely monopolized my entire semester. I have never worked harder on anything in my life. And I am failing dismally. Or failing fabulously? I don't know. All I know is my once 4.0 average had dipped, plummeted, threatened to get me kicked out of school. (not really) But it is bad and I am worried. So if you see me fooling around on the computer, or going to Starbucks(hey, I may need to do that one-it is like my lifeblood), or gasp, cleaning anything...Come over and shake me. Cause I need to dig in and start a studying. Palease!!! LET ME PASS!!!

For all of you wussies that were smart enough to get your degree right out of High School, go out, have fun, drink lots of spiked eggnog and enjoy your weekend. But think back to finals week and have some sympathy people. And if you pass a Starbucks and want to pick me up a beverage, I will take a venti sugar free vanilla latte with non fat milk and light whip.

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Leeann said...


You have my full sympathies. Remember, I am the one who had to take "Teaching Math to Elementary School Students" twice and the second time I had to cry to the professor to get a pass in a pass/fail.

I know your pain. :-)