Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Menu Plan Monday....er...Tuesday!

Sorry, the time is just slip sliding away from me and I forgot to post this yesterday. Oh well, better late than never...

Monday: Your Sticking What Up My Butt?!? chicken, corn on cob, brucsetta
Tuesday: Chicken tetrazzini using leftover chicken, salad
Wed: Mexican casserole
Thursday: Homemade pizza
Friday: Dinner party at my house. Luau theme so beef and chicken kabobs
Saturday: 4th of July party so I will bring a salad of some sort
Sunday: I have no idea. Leftovers probably...


Leeann said...


Can you post your chicken tetrazini recipe sometime soon? I bought four chickens this week (Perdue extra white meat @89 cents/pound) so I will have a lot of chicken in the upcoming weeks!


nicrogers said...

Actually, I pretty much just follow Pioneer Womans chicken spaghetti recipe. I just made a couple of substitutions. I put red pepper in instead of green(personal preference), I was out of pimentos so threw in capers instead. I also had two ears of corn leftover from the chicken dinner so I cut that off the cob and threw it in as well. I used whole wheet egg noodles because that was the only pasta I had(I know, I was shocked too-I usually have a stock pile of pasta). It didnt taste great in there. At least I didnt think so. I think I just didnt care for the texture or maybe it was the flavor. Not sure but I will use our standard whole grain not whole wheat spaghetti the next time. I was also out of cheddar cheese so I used a mexican cheese mix which is just cheddar and a couple of other cheeses(no mexican flavors though). I think the cheese was too mild and a sharp cheddar would have been tastier. That said, Mike ate three helpings. Brooks wouldnt even try it and caitey and I thought it was pretty good, just not great. I think it was the substitution of the cheese and pasta though that made it not taste as good as when I made it in the past.