Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kids say the darndest things.....

Setting: Brooks and I are watching television

Commercial comes on about KY Yours and Mine gel.

In this commercial, we get to see a frantic couple run to their bedroom each with their gel in hand, jump in bed and make some remark about hurrying before the kids get home.

Then it goes to them in the rumpled bed and you hear a door slam and a kid call out for her parents. Then they say something about how great the gel is.

Honestly, I was barely paying attention. Apparently though, Brooks was paying attention. He is 9. Here is our conversation after viewing that commercial.

Brooks: Commercials these days are getting sick.

Me: What? Huh?(like I said, I was barely watching the TV)

Brooks: That is sick. Those two people...I don't know...making out. When I was a kid, the only commercials you saw are like, Barney. Not that junk! That is sick.(shakes head)

Me: What? Huh? lol

I am still stuck on the "when I was a kid" comment. What is 9 these days? lol

Pretty smart kid. I think maybe we need to have that "talk". Apparently he knows a little more than I thought. Kids! Geesh.


Leeann said...


Who even needs to buy his and hers bottle of lube anyhow? lol

And btw, TIVO is my answer to commercials...there are none!


nicrogers said...

Yea, TIVO is great but we were watching....gasp!!!! Live Television! can you imagine? lol