Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What we did for Fathers day...

OK, so I missed my Menu Plan Monday post. Don't worry, you aren't missing anything exciting. I don't feel much like cooking this week so I am not. Last night we had hot dogs. Or I should say the kids had hot dogs. I went out to eat with some friends and Mike made himself some chinese. Tonight I did make chicken parm and zuccini. Not sure what we will have the rest of the week. Just winging it. Hey, it's summer! I dont have to adhere to a strict schedule or menu.

Back to fathers day. We had a great day at my parents house. Here is what we did.

We spent the day on the boat. It was a glorious day. Not too hot, not too sunny. Just right. Here is my mom. She is beautiful. I can't tell you how old she is, but you wouldn't believe me anyway.

Caitey, my beautiful girl.

Here is a pic of me(my back to you) and then going clockwise, my brother, Caitey, Mike, and my SIL. Can you tell we were very relaxed out there?This is my older brother.Brooks with a chocolate chip cookie. Home made of course. and yes, he and his cousin did jump into the water, cookies in hand and ate them while swimming. All I can say is boys, what can you do?

Brooks and his cousin looking all cool. His cousin has a Raiders of the Lost Arc hat. He wears it all the time but was nice enough to lend it to Brooks. And Brooks was all sorts of cool in it.

Dont you agree? Just look at this cutie!

Then, after we came off of the boat, we enjoyed some of these....Yes, that is the baby with a crab. Look, if they can sit up in a chair, they can pick their own damn crabs! OK, so maybe we help them a little bit...Here is my dad.And here is my brother with his sweet baby.

So, there you have it. A wonderful Fathers Day.

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Leeann said...


That day looks amazingly fabulous. Seriously!! I love all the pictures too.

Great post!