Monday, June 9, 2008

Holy Cappicolli Batman, it's hot enough to fry an egg out there!

I have no idea where that came from. Excuse my momentary weirdness lapse. It wont happen again. Who am I kidding, it will most definitely happen again. But just not until Wed. Or Thursday, or tomorrow. Whatever.

It is a freaking oven! I know I have been praying for hot weather but this is almost too much. Actually, I really dont mind it all that much. My clothes dry on the line in like 19 minutes and I have the perfect excuse to do nothing but hang out around the pool sipping iced tea (or beer). That is what summer is all about, right?

Thursday we had our huge end of school year swim party. I spent the last few weeks planning it and it was awesome. We had about 350 people attend and with the exception of one child getting hurt and another getting rescued, fun was had by all! Here is a picture of Brooks. He stopped just long enough for me to snap this picture.
Friday the kids had a half day of school and as soon as they got home, we left for a weekend camping trip. It was a much needed break and celebration of the end of the school year and the frenzy of activities that led up to that last week of school. And it was hot! But the heat was OK because we were camping along a mountain creek with lots of shade. But it was stuffy and hot and a little bit buggy. But we still had a great time. The creek had just the right amount of water flowing with tiny little rapids. So the kids had their dollar store inner tubes and they would sit in them and float down the creek, going over a couple of small "water falls". Eventually they would get out and walk back up and start over again. They reported that they saw crayfish and five snakes and they witnessed one snake eating a fish and that it was "so cool"!

Here you see one of the "water falls". As you can tell, the water was pretty calm and shallow. So perfect for the kids. We felt very secure with them floating down there about 500 yards and then walking back up. It is nice having kids old enough that you don't feel you need to be tethered to them anymore. Even Molly our cockapoo had a blast in the creek. She would play fetch for hours. I am serious, literally hours! She even dove down under the water for the ball. Mike said that he was ready to rescue her at one point because she was down under the water for over 30 seconds. But it felt like minutes and he was afraid she was drowning. But nope, she was just fine. Hey, she wanted her ball and she was going to get it!

Ladeeda.............Just floating along....................Whoah baby! Look out for those rapids! Hang on!!!
OK, last picture. This is me doing what I did whenever I wasn't cooking for 5 kids or cleaning up after 5 kids. Sitting in my chair, relaxing. Ahhh! Wait, where is my beer? Oh, never mind, I found it.


Leeann said...


Looks like fun!

We sweated our butts off on the baseball field Saturday but Sunday we pretty much hung by the pool. My kids have this week left of school and Chris is still playing baseball this week as well so life is still on high speed for one more week.

I just looked at the calendar and can you believe my kids have only 72 days before they are back at school (once they are out this Friday.) No wonder summer seems to go by so fast! That isn't even two and a half months!

who will have a kid finishing elementary and a kid finishing middle school next year!

Ginaagain said...

Now that looks like a fun weekend!