Monday, July 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, I realize it has been awhile since I last posted. I was just really busy with Caitey going to Creation, planning a dinner party with friends, going to a crazy hill billy 4th of July party, then going to a somewhat more normal 4th of July party, going boating, swimming, eating and drinking way too much food/alcohol and working. Oh and we are getting ready to go away for a couple of weeks so I am planning, packing, shopping, etc. for all of that. So yea, crazy stuff going on around here but it is all par for the course. Summertime.

This week I am going to try to keep things simple since I am packing for our trip. We leave on Thursday and I am actually planning meals for this week but aso the following 10 days while we are away camping. Anyway, here it is, our menu for the next few days. I doubt I will be updating much before we leave but there are some fun pics I need to share. Just need to get around to it. which could be a problem. So maybe I will update and maybe you will just have to wait. All three of you. lol

Monday: spaghetti with meat sauce and fried zuccini
Tuesday: Whole roasted beer up the butt chicken, salad, corn
Wed: BBQ sausage and potatoes
Thursday: steak, potatoes, corn
Friday: BBQ chicken, salad
Saturday: manwich sandwiches, potato chips
Sunday: sausage and peppers
Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: pork tenderloin, potatoes, mixed grilled veggies
Wed: chicken and pasta salad
Thursday: eat out at boarwalk in OC
Friday: seafood
Saturday: leftovers, soft crab sandwiches, oysters etc.(at carnival)
Sunday: on way home probably mcdonalds

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