Monday, December 1, 2008

Menu plan Monday

You know how the days before Thanksgiving, all you can think about is turkey, and stuffing, and pumpkin pie? And then the day arrives and you pig out on all of the above? Then even though you totally pigged out, you still think about and yea, go ahead and indulge in a nice yummy turkey sandwich or three over the next couple of days? Oh and dont forget all the leftover pie, you cant let that go to waste. Well before you know it, it is five days after Thanksgiving and you have eaten turkey in some form or another just about every meal since Thursday? And, and, you are sick of turkey? And you wonder how in the world that happened? Well, yea, that is pretty much how my family is feeling right now. In fact, they were pretty ticked off when I put hot turkey sandwiches and french fries on the table for dinner. So, even though we still have turkey left, there will be no more hot turkey in the menu for a few weeks. I cant guarantee there wont be cold turkey on the menu though. You know, nothing like a yummy turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo. Yum!

But before I get to the menu, I will share that I took the kids to the movies today. They were off school today because hello, first day of hunting season and of course school closes for that! Anyway, Brooks was at a friends house so he missed out but I took Caitey and her friend and Mikey. Caitey of course wanted to guessed it, Twilight. Mikey wanted nothing to do with that so he and I saw Four Christmases. It was OK. Pretty funny most of the time but nothing to write home about. The girls enjoyed Twilight. I guess all in all a nice day off. OK, onto the menu.
Monday: Hot turkey sandwiches, fries
Tuesday: French toast, bacon,eggs
Wed: roast beef, cole slaw, mashed potatoes
Thursday: chicken tacos, red beans and rice
Friday: homemade pizza
Saturday: manwich, fries
Sunday: oven fried chicken, spinach, potatoes

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