Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend stuff

We had a pretty nice weekend. Went to Baltimore to my parents house on Friday. Stayed over night and visited with my sister and her family who were up from North Carolina for a few days. It was nice seeing the niece and nephew.( you can actually see my nephew if you look at my previous post about my nephews NHL debut) The cousins had a great time playing together and catching up. I wish we lived closer. It is sad that they cant spend more time together. On Saturday my brother, sister, and I along with our spouses all took the kids bowling. That was a trip. They had a blast though and good memories were made. Brooks kicked butt and out of everyone had the highest score. I think it was around 111 so as you can see, we all collectively suck at bowling. except for Brooks of course. He did OK!

Mike, Caitey and I came home Saturday night and left the boys in Baltimore. I had to come home so I could get a decent nights sleep. We decided to take Catiey out on a date Saturday night. We tortured her by singing songs from the 80's and talking about how we were on a mom and dad and Catiey date. Since she is almost 13, she was not amused. I think the trip to Hollister and the t-shirt bought for her, made up for any embarrassment we may have caused. Not that we cared. :)

Today my mom brought the boys back to us and we grilled some delicious steaks and I made Pioneer Woman's creamed spinach (which I liked but there was a little too much cream). I also made my famous bruscetta). (OK so maybe famous in my mind only but still...) I could live on that stuff. So now I am having a glass of wine and Mike is watching the Tudors on showtime. I can't get into that show. It is just too violent or something.

We are also planning a Confirmation party for Mikey in May. It just so happens that Caitey will be turning 13 the next day (mothers day) so I am thinking of combining her birthday with his party. Hope that isn't too tacky! But I figure if I can get it all over with in one day, that is a very good thing (casue I will need the next day to recover). But it also means I need to plan a party and spring cleaning and gardening and the end of my semester (finals) etc. all within the next few weeks. 4 to be exact. Ugh! So I think I will go get another glass of wine now and maybe retire to my bathroom and have a nice long bath. I think I need the relaxation time before all this party planning goes into full effect. Tomorrow.


Leeann said...

Wow, Nic, a lot going on.

I love that you took Caitey out on a date with Mike. Pretty funny that she was embarrassed! I love to embarrass Kate.

So in terms of both of them having a party- what if they each had their own party but on the same day, just spaced a couple of hours apart. JMO, but it is a really special occasion for both of them and it would be nice for them to have their own friends etc. But, being so close in age, maybe they wouldn't mind. Dunno!

What is your bruschetta recipe? Is it pretty traditional?


nicrogers said...

Well, the confirmation party is definitely a family party. No friends except for a couple of our friends. He isn't inviting his friends. I will probably let Caitey have a birthday party of some sort with a few friends. I am thinking movie or sleep over. Something like that. But we usually get together with my parents, brother and his family etc. and have cake. They will all be here so I am thinking rather than have to take a trip to Baltimore the next day, we should just do it on Saturday when everyone is already there. I will probably just have a separate cake for her and bring it out during dessert and everyone can sing to her.