Monday, April 21, 2008


The past few days have been a whirl. I worked for a friend on their sausage cart on Friday and Saturday. Which was actually fun. We pretty much laughed the entire time. But before work on Saturday, we went to Brooks' soccer game...early....But it was worth it because they won 6-0! They are such a good team. I hope they do well at the tourney they are entering in a few weeks. While I was working (having fun at the sausage cart), Mike took Brooks to the baseball field for his baseball pictures and a chicken BBQ. Then Saturday night we went to friends house to hang out, enjoy the beautiful evening, and have a few drinks. Sunday was church and laundry and gardening. This is where the Ohmygodiamsofreakingtired! comes in. Raking, weeding, and trimming bushes(me), and planting and mulching(mike) makes 40 year old people very, very tired! I have a blister on my thumb and my wrist hurts. lol I am such a whiner. And there is still more to be done! But the front gardens are starting to look a lot better. We neglected them over the winter. I didn't get the leaves, etc. out before winter came so there were the usual weeds along with the frigging corn stalks that always blow in after the field is harvested. So today along with getting my house somewhat straightened out, I am going to go to the nursery and pick up a few more plants and some more mulch. I also would like to color my hair and I have a ton of homework to do as well. So no rest for the weary.

I think in the next week or two, I would like to really get serious about planning my vegetable garden. I don't have the set-up to actually start plants from seed. I probably should look into a small system of lights, etc. to do that since buying established plants is ridiculously expensive and seeds are relatively cheap. But we have no good windows to place plants and if we did, I think the cats would probably love to knock the plants to the floor so they can have that windowsill sunshine. The last couple of years I have had my vegetable garden in a part of the yard that probably isn't the best place for it. Between the house and the fence but I think it is getting too much shade there. So I want to move it, but our entire yard practically is a slope. Except of course where the swing set is. I don't want to put the garden right smack in the middle of the yard next to the swings because I think it will be in the way. But I am not sure how to do it on the sloped portion of the yard? I thought about building a raised garden but wow, the work that would be involved. I just don't know if I have it in me (or mike since he would probably be doing the hard work). I love being able to just walk outside and pick tomatoes, etc. But I am not sure that it is even worth it cost wise? Anyhoe...This is the stuff swirling through my mind this morning. Oh and it is Monday! Time for..........................

Monday: baked ravioli with meat sauce
Tuesday: crock pot chicken
Wednesday: Breakfast(french toast, eggs and maybe bacon)
Thursday: Chicken enchiladas, red beans and rice
Friday: Dinner at friends(kids eat pizza)
Saturday: Steak, baked potato, spinach
Sunday: spaghetti and meatballs

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the mother of this lot said...

Hi! Just called to say thanks for visiting! I'm sure your garden will be worth all the tiredness!