Monday, April 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday and a Meme!

It's that time of the week again. Monday which means another week of school, sports and activities. Last week I did not follow my menu plan very closely so this week, some of last weeks menu will be seen on my menu this week. That's OK. As long as we are not buying food out, we are doing OK. Keep reading below my menu for the Meme my good friend Leeann tagged me with. Thanks a lot Leeann! lol

Monday: Cheese and lobster ravioli, salad

Tuesday: Crock pot roast chicken

Wednesday: Auntie Anne's pretzel dogs(yea I know, real healthy-so sue me)!

Thursday: pork chops, spinach, apple sauce, scalloped potatoes

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Chicken BBQ through baseball

Sunday: Some sort of beef. Steak or a roast. Not sure yet.

OK, so on to the meme....

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.

3. At the end of the post, the player tags 5 people and posts their name, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog.***

So I have to first say, I am a rule breaker so I am going to break the third rule and not tag anyone. Mostly because I don't know who to tag. So if your reading this and want to participate, that is great! Leave a message in the comment section with a link to your blog.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago, Mikey was just 4 and Caitey was almost 3 and I was just a few month pregnant with Brooks. We were living in a little house in Pasadena Maryland and were looking for a bigger home and had our house up for sale. It was a good time, a happy time. Lots of great new things happening. With two little kids in the house who actually loved one another and weren't afraid to show it was great. They played very well together and we had a lot of fun. Our house was very small though. About 1000 sq ft. and only had 2 bedrooms. So both of the kids were sharing the second bedroom and with a third child on the way, it was obvious we needed to move. Moving would prove to be bitter-sweet because we lived in a lovely older neighborhood in a water front community in MD. That summer that I was pregnant with Brooks we would walk over to the community beach just about every day and go swimming. It was the only relief I got being so pregnant that hot summer. Plus I wanted to keep the kids out of the house as much as possible so that I could keep the house clean for showings. It was also at that time that that I joined an email loop called OML October Moms Loop. That is where I met Leeann!

Five Snacks I enjoy:

In a perfect, non weight-gaining world

1. chocolate-cookies, cake, brownies doesn't really matter as long as it is chocolate.

2. candy-as long as it is chocolate. Not really interested in fruity candy. That's for sissies.

3. Hot crab dip or really, just about any dip

4. Potato chips. I love salty.

5. cheese, especially brie with hot pepper jelly on top. Yum!

In the real world

1. fluff(this is sugar free jello powder mixed in with lite cool whip and cottage cheese and some sort of fruit) It tastes great and is a somewhat healthy alternative to say, ice cream.

2. bruschetta on garlic toast

3. hard pretzels

4. some sort of fresh fruit

5. sunflower seeds(I get my salty fix)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. buy a farm with lots of land and either a custom built new home that has all of the character and charm of an old home with all of the energy conservation of a "green" home, or an old rehabbed home.

2. since I would now own a huge home with land I would want to adopt a couple of kids.

3. make sure my family and extended family had what they needed to pay for college for the kids.

4. quit school or work and just volunteer-something to do with children

5. travel and share with my family and friends.

Five jobs that I have had:

1. Rite Aid cashier

2. Chucky at Chuck E Cheese

3. nanny

4. receptionist

5. Black Bear shed sales person

Three of my habits:

1. I have to read before I go to sleep. Something, anything.

2.I always have to pee before I leave the house. Even if i just went, I have to go again. I don't claim to understand my neurosis, I am just keeping it real.

3. I have to check the locks before I go upstairs for bed.

Five place I have lived:

1. Baltimore, Maryland

2. Towson, Maryland

3. Pasadena, Maryland

4. Essex, Maryland

By now your thinking I am soooooooo

5. Pennsylvania!

Five People I Want to Get to Know Better: (a nice way of saying TAG!) But don't feel obligated! Just do it if you want to.

OK so as I said, I decided to break the rules and not tag anyone. SO if you want to participate, please do so. If not, I can't say that I blame you! lol


Ginaagain said...

Oh! I have to pee before leaving the house too! I blame it on my mother but it's definitely become more of a weird compulsion as I get older.

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