Monday, April 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!!

Yea, I know it looks like I am excited about menu plan Monday, but I'm really not. Really and truly? I am sick of planning and cooking meals. I know, I know....Big surprise, right? I sorta go through this every so-many weeks. I want to go on meal planning strike but this family of mine rises up in protest. Seems they are used to getting fed every night. And yes, we do sit down together for dinner every single solitary night of the week, thank you very much. So, I have to keep planning these menus and I have to try to stick with whatever I planned. It is difficult with all of the activities they collectively engage in(not to mention Mike and my busy schedules). But I will do my best.

But first, we had a pretty nice weekend. Dinner at a friends house Friday night. First of all, anytime I don't have to cook makes me very happy, but when I don't have to cook and I get good food and conversation, well that is really great. That was Friday night (plus a bottle of wine). Saturday bright and early Brooks had his first baseball game. They won 14-0. I'm telling you his teams rock! So far they have won every game in both soccer and baseball. Of course now I am probably jinxing him. (Knocking on wood). Saturday afternoon we did some yard work, lots and lots of laundry and then went to Wal Mart (as a family) on a Saturday night. Yea I know, FREAK SHOW! What was I thinking? lol Sunday after the family went to church(I am a heathen) we did more yard work. Planted a ton of flowers and did some mulching. I still need to do some more but the front yard is shaping up rather nicely. The backyard is a mess though. It is a never ending cycle of work around here. I can see why older people sell the homestead and move into condos.

So that about sums up our weekend. Nothing terribly exciting. But hey, fairly productive. So now on to what you have been waiting for with bated breath......

Monday: crock pot chicken cacciatore with pasta
Tuesday: Honey Teriyaki chicken, seasoned oven potatoes
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes
Friday: pizza
Saturday: cheeseburgers on grill
Sunday: going to Walking with Dinosaurs so dinner at Moms

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