Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, Day of Rest... NOT

Even though I would love to be able to rest all day today, I can not. I have got to rally the troops and get down into the dungeon and do some heave duty decluttering. It is a freaking mess down there. Between the kids toys, the storage stuff and misc. crap that should just be thrown away, there is a lot to be done. So we are going to get a crack-a-lackin and go clean. Hopefully this wont end in an all out screaming match between Mike and me or the kids. He would like to just clear everything out of there (except for his stuff) and I am a pack rat so it is physically painful for me to get rid of some stuff. Especially the baby clothes, etc. that are down there. But I am going to really put forth a great effort to get rid of as much as possible. We are going to make 5 piles.
1. Trash
2. Goodwill
3. Keep
4. Sell on Ebay
5. Take to consignment store

My hope is that the biggest pile will be goodwill, followed by trash, consignment, keep and sell. We'll see! Wish me luck!!!

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Leeann said...

Hey Nic,

Good luck with that! Do you have trucks that come around your neighborhood? National Childrens Center comes around at least monthly if not more here so I just keep a box in the garage and toss things in there. Outgrown clothes, crap toys etc. Keeps things from cluttering up the area. A note on baby clothes: I can see your reasons for keeping them because you all may not be finished with your family. But otherwise, I have just kept a couple of things for each kid- coming home outfit, christening dress they wore. That kind of thing. Because face it, how many of us actually have dressed our kids in clothes our parents saved from our childhoods? :-)

I think we are going to see Horton Hears a Who this afternoon.