Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have not kept secret the fact that I am a conservative and that I am a McCain/Palin supporter. In fact, it is no secret that I really do not care for Obama at all. Well, maybe I think he is a smart guy. And I agree that he is probably a good person that wants his view of what is best for the country. I also know that many people are supporting him simply because he is a democrat-because many people will not cross party lines, no matter what. I have in the past so I do not fall in that category-I know, hard to believe. I also believe that many are voting for him simply because he is black. I mean, I heard one poll was that he has like 90 something approval ratings from black Americans. So that right there must tell you they are voting for him because he is black.

Yesterday, I worked for a friend. It was at a community fair for Labor Day. They have a concession trailer and I often help out. At this fair, which was held in the city, there were a lot of Oboma supporters. In fact, they were there registering voters. One thing that struck me as I observed them is they are proud. They gladly put Obama stickers on their toddlers t-shirts. I saw that they were happy. They were excited. And that, believe it or not, made me happy for them. I really am glad to see that black Americans have a black man running for president. It is a huge thing for them. They have a really good, positive role model, that isn't a sports hero, for their children to look up to. So it made me really happy to see so much excitement about this election. So many people handing out stickers and fliers to support their man. Now don't misunderstand, I still do not feel he is the best man for the job, I wont be crossing party lines for this election. But I am happy that we can say that there really is no racism in this country. Sure you have your pockets of idiots but if a black man can be nominated to hold the highest office in the country (world), then how can it be said that white Americans are racist?


Ginaagain said...

It is a wonderful thing to see people happy and hopeful. I don't think we've seen an election that has generated so many positive feelings on both sides. After years of lackluster elections with pathetically low voter turnouts it's so exciting to see people on both sides excited about their candidates.

I'm also proud of our country. What an amazing thing that no matter which candidate wins we have finally taken a step toward greater diversity and equal rights in our government.

I'm also happy that you and I can agree on something involving politics. LOL

nicrogers said...

I know Gina! Crazy right?