Saturday, September 13, 2008

Heard around the dinner table...

OK, so we are eating a nice dinner. Just Mike and I and the boys. Caitey is at a friends. Lucky her. So we are watching the National Geographic channel about time travel. Nice and educational so we allowed them to keep the TV on while eating. So, the nice educational show about time travel ends and some show called Taboo comes on. The show today(this is the first time I have actually watched this) was about strange food people eat. So what is the strangest food you can imagine eating? Well, imagine you are in China, (I know, those Chinese eat anything) What would be the strangest thing you could imagine to eat? If you said cat, well you would be wrong. No, these crazy Chinese eat none other than penis! Yes, penis. Dog, sheep, even, well, I don't even want to think about all the different penises they were serving up(none human thank you very much!) but they did show how they skin them and burn the hair off. Eek!

So you are wondering what was said while watching this? Well, I will tell you. My son asks,in all seriousness, "I wonder in what part of the world they eat vagina's?" Ack! lol

Yup, dinner at the Rogers. Always interesting conversation.


Ginaagain said...

umm... how did you keep a straight face? yikes.

nicrogers said...

Believe me, it was not easy!