Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Winner

This is a poem Caitey wrote. I think she did a great job. It just goes to show you she has a pretty good head on her shoulders. I am really proud of her.

The Winner
My heart stops,
I slowly walk up to the block.
My stomach is a pretzel.
The Coach's eye telling me
to try my best.
I climb up on the block.
The sound of the buzzer
rings in my ears.
And I fly.
Into the water
stroke by stroke.
Every ounce of power
into my legs.
I gasp for air,
The water nearly suffocates me,
My legs are like noodles.
The wall is approaching
as fast as a speeding bullet.
I kick, flip, hold my breath,
past the flags.
Only seven more laps to go.
But that doesn't stop me.
The water seems to be warmer,
My legs become weaker and weaker
after every passing second.
I feel like a dead fish.
Someone shouts my name.
Then another.
They're cheering for me.
I am a shark paddling towards my prey.
The clock stops
as my arm pounds the wall.
It's all over.
Sixth place.
Last but not least.
I am a winner in my own small way.


Leeann said...

I love her. The end absolutely won me over.


nicrogers said...

I know, right? Thanks Leeann!I am so impressed with her. I am so glad she feels the way she does. She used to cry when she didn't do well. She has come a long way. She still cries when she gets DQ'd but since that only happened once I think last season, that is not bad.

Ginaagain said...

Wow, what a fantastic poem! She's a really neat girl.