Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why oh why is the world out to get me??

You know, I really don't ask for much. I mean yea, I like my Coach bags and Mac makeup and, well stuff. But I for the most part have restraint. I don't just go all crazy and buy a bunch of shit on credit cards and then cry about how broke I am. No, I budget for the shit I buy and then I cry about how broke I am. But anyway, you all know by now that I want to replace my piece of shit stove right? Well I finally made up my mind that I am going to just do it. I am going to embrace Home Depots offer to finance my purchase interest free for one year and I am going to do it. I am going to buy the damn stove. And then I found out they are out of stock. Stuck probably in China having all the parts that heat up, sprayed with lead paint so that when I finally do get the damn thing and actually turn it on, the lead paint will heat up and permeate whatever I am cooking and slowly poison us. But I digress...I still want the damn thing. Lead paint or not. So I came to peace with the fact that I can not get the stove for a few weeks a(month) and am OK with that. Sort of. OK so fast forward to yesterday. Yesterday was my first day back to school after a glorious week off on spring break. I mean glorious people. I did nothing. I just enjoyed having off for a week. So I went back to school and all is well. Until last night. Last night Mike came home and asked me if I had an accident with the new car. Um, I don't think so? I mean, I would remember that right? Well, apparently my car had an accident without my knowledge. Yea, apparently some little piece of shit-for-brains asshole that goes to my school hit my car in the parking lot. I never even noticed it. I am so pissed. So Mike calls the insurance company trying to figure how it will be covered. If it is covered under collision we will have a deductible of 500 freaking dollars. If it is covered under comprehensive the deductible is $100.00. I don't think we should have to pay anything. I mean, we have had this frigging insurance for like, I don't know, 16 years and never had to file a claim. Now some little piece of shit hits me and I have to pay? WTF? SO he calls the insurance company and they don't know. He gets transferred from one person to the next, none of them able to answer his question. If we have to pay a $500.00 deductible, we will just pay the danged thing ourselves and not file a claim. But no one seems to know. Why are so many people so inept? Finally someone told him that he needs to call back today when a claims rep was in. For the love of God why couldn't they just say that to begin with?

So, after I get Brooks off to school, I will run up to his school and do a quick inventory of the shed where we store PTO supplies. Then I will come home and do homework while I wait for my new washing machine (that I didn't want) to be delivered. Hopefully, they will deliver it early rather than late and I will actually be able to start some laundry because we are overrun with dirty clothes (yea right, it will be delivered last, probably during dinner). I also need to call the insurance company. Oh the joy. Then after school Brooks has soccer and then a skating party that is through PTO so I kinda need to be there.

Anyone that thinks a SAHM's life is glamorous is crazy. Of course no one thinks that but if you think we just sit around all day eating "bon-bons" and watching our "programs". Well, you would be right on most days, just not today.


Leeann said...


You guys really have been bitten on the ass lately with things breaking down. I'm glad you decided on a stove though. What did you decide to get? And what kind of washer did you get? I think you were going to get a front loader. Either way, you will be shocked at how much more laundry you will be able to do at once than you could before. I do probably half as many loads. It's sweet!

And yep, I just called Rob today about the calendar. It is insane. Truly nuts. There are days when I am picking up kid A at 4:20, kid B at 5:15, kid C has a game at 5:30 and somewhere in there I am also keeping baby Michael all day and doing the laundry and going to the grocery store and making dinner and helping with homework and cleaning the house. Ok, right. No prob. lol


nicrogers said...

I know leeann, it is crazy isn't it? We got the LG frontloader. I am currently washing load one. Which did consist of a big ass basket of jeans. So hopefully I will be totally happy with its performance. As for the stove, I am pretty sure we are going to get an LG stainless. The main reason is it has 5 burners but also because the grates on top are flat all the way across the whole top of the range. Rather than just covering each burner. I am still considering the double oven model though but there was something about the grates that I didnt like with that one so that is why I think we are going to just get the LG. It doesnt have a double oven but it does have a warming drawer. We'll see. lol