Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hemorrhaging money............

So how is it I want a new stove/range and my computer breaks? What's up with that? So I finally relent and buy a new computer and I must admit, I was very good. I only bought what I needed and did not go all crazy and buy a really expensive computer with a zillion bells and whistles that I don't need. Nope, I had restraint. I got a pretty good deal on an HP with bells and whistles, just not gold plated bells and whistles. OK, so I get the computer and figured since I was so restrained in my computer purchase, maybe, just maybe I can still get a new stove/range. So I planned to go look at them today. And what happens? My washing machine took a crap. What the fuck is going on here? I mean, really? I just want a frigging new stove. You know, one that sort of matches the rest of my appliances. OK, so nothing I get will completely match since we are white trash/red neck purchasing our appliances one at a time. They are all different brands. So the stove is a piece of shit white GE. Builders grade. The frig was replaced a few months ago and it is a really nice GE profile stainless side by side. I really like it. We got the floor model for $1,000 less than the newer 2008 model. No problemo, I am all for older floor models. So the dishwasher is a Maytag piece of crap and it is black. The microwave is also black and is a Whirlpool. OK, so three different manufacturers. Three different colors. But the frig and microwave and dishwasher all look good together(unless you are an anal asshole and cant take the fact that they are not all black or all stainless and they are all different manufacturers). But really, that doesn't bother me. What does bother me is the ugly ass piece of crap white stove/range. And I want a new one in a bad way. My life would be perfect with a new stove. I would finally be complete. Yea, right. Anyway, the white piece of shit does look bad so I want a new stove. I even know exactly what I want. It is an LG stainless. It has 5 burners and is really pretty. But I had to buy a stupid washing machine instead. Yup, that's right. I had to get that damn washer instead. So we went shopping today and got an LG front loader. Honestly, I wanted the cheapest top loader we could get. I do not care about washing machines. But my husband was jonesing for a front loader so I let him have his way. And I was all ready to sign my youngest child away to get the stove/range and wouldn't you know it, they are back -ordered. Ugh! Anyway, now I at least know exactly which one I want, I just need to wait about a month for the new one. And you know, you all should thank us because we are stimulating baby. Yup. we are stimulating the economy. And we haven't event received our big fat check yet from the government! Woo hoo!.


Leeann said...

Congrats on the new washer! Even though you may not have been jonesing for a new washer you will love this one. It will shock you with what capacity it has. It only takes me like four loads to do an entire weeks worth of laundry and towels. Love it.

Hints for your front loader:

DO use power detergent. It doesn't have to be for front loaders, just use half of what you would use for a top loader.

DO run a bleach load about once a week.

DO leave the door open to let it dry out.

Don't spend too much time standing at the little window watching the clothes spin! lol


nicrogers said...

I had to laugh about wasting time watching the laundry spin because a friend of mine just got a front load washer and she said her son sat in front of it for at least 30 minutes. lol I can see Mikey doing that for sure.