Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dang blasted computer!

So I bought my Dell Laptop in December of 2006. It was great for the first year with the exception of the fact that the keys popped off sometimes. I just figure that was due to my lovely fat fingers or maybe just the way I type. Or something. In any case, I dealt with it. But then a couple of months ago, my computer died. And I lost all of my pictures(cause I am really good about saving stuff). So we bought a new hard drive and also a new keyboard because by then, a couple of keys were actually broken from popping off so much. Anyway, fixed the computer and all was mostly well. Except for the number 5 key that was broken (I am thinking this is a Dell problem not a me problem), the computer was working fine. Until yesterday. Yea, yesterday my computer once again decided to take a crap. Official diagnosis? Hard drive dead. Again. So rather than buy a new hard drive, I am going to buy a new computer. And it wont be another Dell. Now if I was rich, I would get a Mac. But since I am poor, I will not be getting a Mac. Not sure what I will get but whatever it is, it will have to happen soon because I am using my kids laptop which is an ancient IBM Think Pad and is S - l - o - w .....................I asked friends for suggestions and basically they said...Get a Mac, get a dell, get a Sony, get an HP. lol I don't think anyone suggested a Toshiba so that is probably what I will end up getting. Cause I am crazy like that. So, I guess I will be going computer shopping. Believe it or not, I am not happy about this. Oh well, I gotta have a computer. I mean, it is like, a law or something.

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