Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Overwhelemed by Junk...

These days, I feel totally and completely overwhelemed. I know I need to do something about it but when? I just feel like I have no time for anything that matters to me. I was just reading a post at my friend Gina's blog and she is feeling much the same way. Before I went back to school, the hum drum nature of being a stay at home mom really got to me some days. I felt like I was losing myself in a way. And I wasn't super organized, or neat, or a gourmet cook, or anything like that. But I could have been! Now that I am in school full time, I no longer have the time to be any of those things. In fact, frequently I feel as if I am failing miserably in every area of my life. I am not there for my kids the way I would like to be. I am not able to devote quite as much time studying as I need to. I am not as involved in my kids school activities as I used to be. And my house is a mess. Which brings me to an important question.... Who the heck came up with bins for storage? All I seem to do is buy bins and fill bins and store them in the basement. It is a veritable bin wasteland down there. And I have no idea what is in the bins. Oh sure, at one time I had a label maker and labeled all of the bins. But guess what? Those label strips do not stick well on plastic bins. So they all pretty much fell off and now I don't know what is in there. I suppose I could write with a sharpie on the bins but then as the contents changed, I would have a mess of crossed off labels. So I guess I need to make a plan. Of course any actual implementing of the plan will need to wait until after the semester is over. But I can dream right? I am dreaming of several goals for change that I need to make. I will list them here so that I wont forget them. (as if!)

1. Go through the house, room by room and declutter.

This is a huge one. I need to really evaluate what we keep and get rid of stuff we just don't need. Either by having a yard sale, goodwill or the trash.

2. Spring clean. Really, really spring clean. Carpets, windows, etc.

3. Plan and plant a bigger vegetable and herb garden this year.

4. Do some landscaping.

5. Work on painting and fixing stuff around the house that we have been neglecting.

6. Organize our cabinets and closets.

OK, that's enough. I am tired already.

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Ginaagain said...

Goodness! I'm tired just reading it! Don't be so hard on yourself Nic. Going back to school is very hard and it's something you should be proud of.