Sunday, February 24, 2008

lazy day

What a lazy day I have had today. I did manage to get dressed, wash my face, etc. But that is about all I did. I didn't do a thing today except for some homework and I did clean up the kitchen a couple of times and make dinner. But heck, I could do that with my eyes closed. Oh and I watched that movie about Daniel Pearl. Very sad. Hope you all are having a more productive day than me! At least I am feeling rested.


Leeann said...

Hey Nic,

I had a lazy day today too and it was wonderful. I basically laid around all morning. Then I took a bath, cleaned the kitchen and did a couple of loads of laundry. I went to Costco and then gave the kids a dinner of leftovers. Rob and I are ordering a pizza for a cheap date night.


dkuroiwa said... can I live vicariously and lazily through both you AND leeann?!?! please?? my sunday, on the "suck scale" was about a 6.5!! I'm going to go and have a cry in my bath, now!! :-D
Hope your week is productively nice!! :-D