Sunday, February 17, 2008

Overheard at Walmart...

Considering I am one of those people that love to shop, it may come as a suprise to some of you that I despise Wally-world. It's not necessarily the employees that I can't stand. They are OK and I appreciate the older people that work there as greeters. They almost always have a smile on their face. Of course if I stood watching the cast of characters that go through Walmart on a daily basis, I think I would either have a permanent smile etched on my face or maybe that would be a grimace? Not sure. All I know is I endured two trips to walmart this weekend so I think I got my quota in for the month.

Now I definitely would not have chosen to go to Walmart twice. I didn't really want to go there once but my youngest needed two birthday gifts and I did want to get a charger for our Wii remotes (or whatever they are called). So off to Walmart we went. Got what I needed with not too much to report on. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I returned home that I noticed I was charged $27.00 for an item that was on clearance for $7.00. SO I knew a return trip was in my very near future cause no way was I letting Walmart get away with screwing me out of $20.00 more of my hard earned bucks. So the return trip was today. Got my refund with a little bitching. They were saying that someone must have put the item on the clearance shelf by accident. Whatever, I dont want to hear it. There was a sign on the shelf stating the clearance price! Give me my refund. OK, granted I was much nicer than that. I wanted my refund after all and you know what they say; you can catch more flies with honey.... So I got my refund and we were on our way out when I overheard this little beauty... Let me set this up for you. There was a man(husband and father) woman (wife and mother) and child. OK, man says to child as they were walking through the store. "Follow your mother and Aunt". lol OK so I thought it was funny. I had to laugh. Only at Walmart, ya know?


Leeann said...

I must be a total moron because I don't even get this! lol


nicrogers said...

Well if your momma is your aunt...You got some red neck problems in your family!