Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back from fun, fabulous, Atlantic City!

Have you ever been to Atlantic City? We have been a few times and don't get me wrong, it is a good time. We enjoy playing the slots. It is always fun to win but since we don't have high expectations, when we don't actually win, we are OK with that. Cause lets face it, where else can you get free drinks and watch literally hundreds of absolute characters mozie on through your field of vision? You have your hookers, you have your homeless, you have your old ladies and old men, your newlyweds, your very rich and very poor. All assembled together under one very elaborate roof(ok maybe not as elaborate as Vegas but still...). We had thought about going to a comedy club or show but in the end decided to just hang out in the casino and people watch. And like I said, there are lots of people to watch in Atlantic City!

So, we went to AC to celebrate our 15th anniversary and we had a very nice time. AC has done a lot to improve the area. For one thing, they have lots of outlet stores there now. And let me just tell you that is a big deal to me. I love to shop so I spent the day Saturday walking my ass off shopping.

Saturday night we went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse. I had never been to this particular restaurant but I had heard that it is absolutely wonderful. And I knew it was very expensive but I was not prepared for just how overpriced it was. I mean, come on, $8.00 for a baked potato? And $37.00 for a piece of steak? Now, normally I would not go to a restaurant that is that expensive but my husband and I pretty much agree that if the food is excellent and if the atmosphere is excellent and if the service is excellent, we don't mind paying way too much for the meal because really you are paying for the whole package, not just the plate in front of you. Well, this particular meal was not up to our expectations. We felt rushed, the food was OK. Honestly, I think we make a better steak at home and Mike actually says he prefers Outback! lol One thing I can say was I had a spinach salad and it was delicious. Not worth $9.00 though!

Now Friday night we went to a buffet for dinner. I am not a fan of the buffet. In my opinion there is just too much food and most of it is very unhealthy and the gluttony of the whole thing just sort of makes me sick. But, since we didn't know where else to go and didn't have reservations, and lets just be honest here, since Mike likes buffets, we decided to check the one in Trump Tower out. The first thing you do it pay for your meal at a booth outside of the restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised when the cashier pulled a coupon out and let us use it. Saved us the $22.00 dinner ticket. We were really thankful for that. So nice of her! Then we went in and I was really surprised not only by what they were serving (there was no fried chicken, french fries or pizza to be found). Yeehaw! They had steamed clams and mussels, grilled ma hi ma hi(is that how you spell it?) roast leg of lamb,prime rib, steamed shrimp, king crab legs, and on and on it went. Very good food. Not fried or overcooked or saturated in oil and fat. It was just really good. And the waitress(Dottie) was fabulous. So friendly and funny. She really made it a great experience. So, if you are in Atlantic City, go to Trump and eat at their buffet. Skip Ruth Chris. You will be glad you did.

So now we are home and I have to unpack. I hate unpacking. But the getaway was a nice change of routine and I would recommend everyone do this once in awhile. I think it makes us appreciate our kids and one another more when we take time like this for ourselves.


Leeann said...

I'm sorry you didn't like Ruth's Chris. We do really like it. Obviously we don't go often but when we do, it's a hit. They do vary from location to location though so maybe you just hit one that isn't as good. Either way, I'm glad you had a great meal at Trump to make up for it-- although it would kill me to give that man a penny!

nicrogers said...

Yea, you know we didn't have a very good table. Right by the door, very noisy, manager standing there the entire time. It was just not a good atmosphere. If we would have had a private little booth it would have been much nicer. But overall the food wasn't all that great to us. It just didn't WOW us. kwim? Oh well, been there, done that! lol

Timothy Johnsons said...

Nice experience. Though your Atlantic City travel was not that perfect cause of the resto,overall you had a very great trip I guess.