Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy VD!!!

So the day started of rocky. Caitey had a dance to attend after school and she wanted to look all purty for it but was missing the mark where her hair is concerned. Imagine rats, hair, wild raccoons, hair....YOu get the picture. She gets the outfit just right, she gets the makup looking pretty decent but she totally misses the mark when it comes to her hair. So, I told her no worries, I will curl it for you. So I curled it and pulled it back out of her eyes. Well apparently there was a little hair sticking out ever so slightly. And that was all she wrote. Caitey literally melted into a crying toddler in 2.7 seconds. I was so pissed. She messed it up and I tried to fix it but that sucked and I was ruining her life so I told her to just go to school. By this time she was late so Mike had to drive her and sign her in. The staff in the office were wondering what the heck was wrong. Mike told them she was having a "bad hair day". lol Oy! They asked her if she needed to talk to a counselor. Oh sure, so they can hear all about how her mother sucks and is making her life miserable! Kids! Or, girls really. My sons aren't nearly as bad as that.

So I imagine the rest of the day went OK. She went to the dance and came home laughing and happy and immediately on the phone talking to friends. Then she actually asked me if I needed any help with dinner prep. Wow! Of course I handed over the spatula and sat down to a glass of wine. I don't turn down help. Ever! lol

I made shrimp and clam pesto for dinner. It was pretty good all though very rich. I also made bruschetta which is my favorite all time food and chocolate covered strawberries.

For the kids valentines day gifts I just gave them each a couple pieces of candy and Brooks got the Valentines day Webkinz frog and Caitey got this pink singing dragon thing (from the hallmark store), and some rhinestone kit so she can bling her cellphone. Mikey got a Ravens sticker and a dvd and a huge bag of sweet hearts. So they are all happy. I just got Mike a nice card and a box of candy. He got me candy as well (which I do not need). All in all a nice evening. I am just hoping that it stays this way and doesn't end the way it began! I can't take any more stress or hormones in one day.

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