Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday and a menu plan

Monday: Sour Beef and dumplings(made with venison)

Tuesday: Rosemary garlic chicken in crockpot with mashed potatoes and spinach

Wednesday: Chicken n dumplings(made with leftover chicken from previous night)

Thursday: Pulled pork sandwiches and oven fries

Friday: Make your own English Muffin pizza's

Saturday: steak and shrimp, with salad

Sunday: Swim team banquet my contribution is a veggie platter with dip.

So this Thursday is my first A&P exam and I am a bit nervous. There is just sooo much information to remember. And next week is our lab exam. So pretty much all of my time and energy is going to studying. The good news is my abnormal psych exam was last week so I am not being forced to cram for two exams in one week. Thank God!

Over the weekend Mike and I went to WVA to the cabin. We had a very relaxed weekend. No kids, just a quiet, slow paced, do what you want when you want it weekend.

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