Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VD Day!

So for Valentines day, we decided to do a couple of things that are special. We made pancakes this morning and cut them into heart shapes. The kids got strawberry milk too. They liked that. I also gave them each a candy heart. They loved that. For Mike, well he got a candy heart and a card. I got a homemade card which was very sweet. For dinner tonight I am making Pioneer Woman's French Onion soup. I hope it is good. That is one of my favorite soups so I am hoping we like it. I am also having cheese fondue and then hot wings and fries and for dessert, choc covered strawberries and bananas. Not the healthiest of meals but it is a holiday right? Even if it is a manufactured holiday. Hey, anything to soften the blow we Americans just go thanks to our good for nothing President and his congress/senators. By the way, did you know we are apparently rich? Um, yea. So we wont be getting that big 13.00 a week from the government. Damn. Now I don't know what I am going to do.... By the way Arlen Specter, I will NOT be voting for you ever again. you suck!


Leeann said...
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Leeann said...

So how did the French Onion soup turn out?

I made the cupcakes and frosting and they pretty much bombed. The only recipe of hers that has been a big hit is the Lasagna. I have had several bomb. I am not sure I trust her recipes anymore!

Let me know how it turned out.

nicrogers said...

The soup turned out great! Very very good. I used mozzarella cheese on top because I didn't want to spend the money on the other cheese. But other than that, I followed her recipe completely and it was very good. Not salty or anything. It did not have a heavy beef flavor, like some onion soups do. I think my only change would be to maybe throw in a beef bouillon cube for a tiny bit more beef flavor.

I know what you mean about her recipes not being all that great all of the time. The ones that I like are the twice baked potatoes(you cant really screw them up). The chicken and spaghetti was good. The butternut squash is also good if you like squash in a baby food consistency.I did not care for it all that much but other family members like it. The hot wings are good too but her recipe is the same one written on the back of the bottle. There is also a savory bread and butter pudding on her site that was submitted by a reader. I is delicious. Probably the best recipe on her site! I like her cooking site though because I like the pictures and I do get ideas.