Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a week!

OK, so needless to say, I am quite disappointed by the results of the election. That said, I am hoping and praying that I was completely wrong and that Obama is not actually going to be the ruination of our country. I really do hope I am wrong and that his plan to "change" the country actually turns out to be the kind of "change" I want. Not very hopeful but bottom line is he is our president elect and unless I want to move out of the country, I may as well get on board and support him. Or try to. Anyhoe, time will tell...OK so lets move on, shall we?

Between kids and school and well, life, things have been a little bit crazy around here. But I think we are over the hump and things will get better. My goal is once again to try to get a little more organized. In an effort to be more organized, we spent a couple of hours today cleaning out and inventorying our freezers. I have a boat load of meat and frozen veggies in there so I plan to try to eat out of the freezer for a few weeks at least. I also want to make some soup because it is getting cold again and nothing is better than a steaming hot bowl of homemade soup when it is cold out. So there you have it!

So on to my menu for the week.

Monday: spaghetti, meat sauce, garlic bread
Tuesday: Breaksfast for dinner-french toast, bacon, eggs
Wed: tuna casserole
Thursday: meat loaf, mashed potatoes
Friday: homemade pizza
Saturday: pork chops, scalloped potatoes
Sunday: Moms house

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