Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I know I told you I was busy watching the Olympics this week, and I am. But I did take a little break today to go see John McCain in York, Pa. Now I have to admit he was not my first choice to represent the party, but my opinions about him have changed. He really is someone to be proud of. The sacrifice he made for our country is well, amazing. I also realized today that he is damned funny. I mean, really funny. It was a pleasure to be there and be able to listen to him speak and listen as he answered audience questions in a thoughtful and engaging manner. I would encourage everyone to give him a chance and really listen to what he has to say. He seems to be very sincere and really, his experience speaks volumes to me. So I am quite glad I chose to leave my Olympics for a few hours and got to meet, in person, and shake his hand, the future President of the United States. That is why I am.....A....Superstar!(at least in my own mind) Amen.


Usana said...

I'm just browsing through blogs, as I sit here watching the Olympics. I'm feeling some kinship to you. I have to admit I agree with you about Senator McCain. That's exciting you got to go see him.

nicrogers said...

Thanks! Meeting them in person is always a big event. When we saw President Bush, we felt the same way. Just overwhelmed with patriotism.