Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's that time again...

Yup, it is that time again, the beginning of a new school year. Now if I were a normal parent, or at least one with half a brain, I would be rejoicing about the fact that my kids are about to go off to school which would leave me with a lot of free time and peace and quiet. But nope, I chose to drop out of college and get a job and ultimately married. Shortly after marrying, I started breeding and well, that leads to now. Now I am the mother to three kids and a college student. This leads to some issues that complicate my life. For one thing, unless you are on welfare, college is damn expensive. So not only are we forking out thousands a year for kids activities, clothes and well, food, we are also paying for my education. If I had half a brain, I would have "let" my parents pay for it. Another complication is time. I just do not have any real free time anymore. School takes way too much effort and energy. Oh I know, it will be worth it in the end *sure, then I get to go to WORK!* Yea, totally worth it. But the pay check will be good especially since it will come just when my oldest are ready to start college. So yea, I need to do this but man, it is really a bitch. Especially the math. I am just math retarded. I don't know why, mental block? But I just can not seem to get algebra. I thought last year I had taken my last algebra class but no, I am now required to take Algebra 103 which totally sucks. My prof told us yesterday that if you received a c in the previous algebra class, only 8% of those people taking this class will pass. SO, since I was GRATEFUL for the C I got in the last class I guess I will be rejoicing to even pass this one. Grrr!!!! If anyone has any helpful suggestions for doing better or even just understanding algebra, I would love to hear from you. I have a feeling I may be taking this class again in the Spring. Which will NOT make me very happy.

Oh! And I almost forgot, I am also on a diet! I mean, I am freaking starving myself (not really but since I am not eating any junk food AT ALL, I feel like I am starving). Now don't you feel sorry for me? I know I do.


Leeann said...

At least you are doing something about your weight. I know I need to, I know no one will do it for me but me and I still do nothing, month after month. Even things that should have scared me into compliance (beach trip, family portrait) did nothing this time. So good for you!

As for the Algebra., I know full well I have a mental block that is purely based on fear. If I were you and having to take Algebra 3, I am fairly certain I would hire a tutor, just to avoid having to retake the class.


nicrogers said...

Thanks Leeann. I can tell you starving myself for a couple days was not easy but it did help me kick the carb monster. I have a headache still but I am not craving carbs as much. Hopefully I will remain strong and keep it up. I can actually tell that my stomach is a little smaller,it really does work.

As for a tutor, luckily for me, my school offers tutoring for free so you better believe I will be in there as often as possible. Also, my prof teaches the same class and algebra 2 so we can go to those classes and sit in if we want. I just may do that!