Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day and a menu

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We are spending a relaxed day at home. Well, somewhat relaxed. We finished opening the pool, spent some time planting flowers in flower pots, and the big job, dug out my vegetable garden. This is huge because I really wanted to change the spot I have my garden in. The past few years it was just not in a great place because it did not get enough sun. So I wanted to move it. However, Mike just isn't into it. So I started digging the new one out myself and he came and helped finish it. It is not finished, just the sod is off and now I need to get out there and properly turn it over, add some soil and then plants. I am excited though because I love being able to go outside and pick tomatoes and peppers and zuccini's, etc. I don't plant a ton. Just the stuff that I really love. Plus, I can get a lot of veggies fairly cheap from local farmers. But there is nothing like growing your own veggies. Hopefully I can get the plants tomorrow and then get them all in the ground in the next couple of days. Wed it is actually supposed to be 67 and sunny so that sounds like perfect gardening weather. I also need to plant my herb garden which I am going to do entirely in containers this year. So yea, I know I am getting a late start but hopefully since I will buy mature plants, everything will grow OK.

Yesterday we went to my parents house and the kids and Mike went out on the boat.

So that's about it around here. The kids only have 9 days left of school so my plan is to try to get as much done around here while they are in school, as possible. Well, I have to do that and also we are going camping the day they get out of school and Mike will be out of town the last week of school. Which means I get to do Everything alone. Hmm. Great fun. lol

On to.......

Monday: Boneless chicken marinated in Italian and Teryaki grilled, German potato salad and brownies for dessert.

Tuesday: Cheeseburgers, leftover potato salad

Wed: Veal parmesan, salad, zuccini

Thursday: Beef tips in crock pot, mashed garlic potatoes

Friday: homemade pizza

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