Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sometimes you should just sit back and relax...

So it is spring break and you know, I am all for sitting around relaxing. Watching TV, eating bonbons...The whole nine yards. But really, sitting around in your dusty cluttered family room is no fun. You are sitting there all fat and happy with your bonbons(what exactly are bonbons?) with the knowledge that there is no school so I don't have any assignments due. I don't have any exams to study for. You can just relax. For one glorious week I can pretend that I am not in school and don't have to worry about upcoming exams, papers, labs, etc. I can just pretend that I am a regular
run -of- the -mill mother who sends her offspring off to school every morning then has the luxury to work out, clean, cook, shop, have lunch with the girls, visit Starbucks, read a book for pleasure, volunteer...You get the picture. But no, I am not that mother. I am a mother who because of some bad decisions early in life, am now returning to school. College in your 40's, even very early 40's, sucks. OK so back to today. Today I decided I am going to move all of the furniture and clean behind it. I am going to wipe down the base boards and get rid of some clutter and dust and vacuum under sofas. And while I am under the sofas, get rid of all the crap that I push under there when company is coming and I don't want them to see it. Don't act all high and mighty like you don't do that. I know you do. OK, so if you don't you are not normal. Whatever. So I am moving my bookcase and what happens? I will tell you what happens. It fell, tipped over, right onto the front of my big screen TV. Now I would be lying if I didn't admit that for a second, I was hoping it was the end of the big screen because I would love to get a smaller screen TV for our family room. But that was like, only a split second. Because truly, it is a great TV and we can't afford to replace it right now and if we could replace it, I would like to move it to the basement. So I am pretty much bummed to see my bookcase denting the front of my TV. In fact, I am pretty sure I may have cursed. A lot. But it still works and we will deal with the scratch, green mark and slight rippling effect you now have when you watch the TV. Most of it still looks Great though so I am thinking all is well until I go to vacuum and spill an entire glass of iced tea all over the table, floor and of course, my pile of library books. I rescued the library books before the tea had a chance to get on the pages. Luckily they were hard bound books. So again, all is well in my world. But tomorrow,I am not cleaning. It just isn't worth it.


It's Always Something Around Here said...

Oh my you poor thing!!! See this just proves the point that we shouldn't deep clean...things get hurt when we do LOL.

Lou Ann

Nic said...

I know right? lol