Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just a little rambling

I know I said I was going to be a better blogger. I lied. Get over it. Sorry. I am just a little bit preoccupied with school. But rest assured, I am around. Kicking still.

I had to go to the hell otherwise known as Wal Mart. Good grief!!! If Disney World is the happiest place on earth, no doubt Wal Mart is absolute HELL on earth. So I took the kids because Mikey and Caitey needed fabric and foam fill to make pillows in Home Ec. (or as the PC crowd calls it, Family Consumer Science). Whatever. Freaking home ec. So of course the materials are due this week and as my normal, I waited until the last possible minute to purchase it. Then I made the mistake of going to Wally World for it. What was I thinking? I think the average IQ there today was around 64. Really. Just walking among half the patrons of that store is enough to make me want to end it all now.

After Wal Mart we spent the day studying(me) or watching football (Mike).


MLK day. Kids off school. Nuf said. OK, maybe not. I am not a fan of kids off school days. I think they should have school every day. Nah, just kidding. I am OK with them having off school once in awhile but just not when I want to be home alone so I can study in peace.

Speaking of kids off school. How many schools are off tomorrow because of the inauguration? My mother was telling me that Baltimore city schools are closed tomorrow. I think that is a really asinine thing to do. Close schools for that? Have they ever closed schools in the past for an inauguration? Should schools have special luncheons to celebrate? NO! A resounding no. It is a huge waste of money and time and further more, again I ask, when did they ever call school for an inauguration in the past? When? Can you imagine if the McCain would have gotten in? Do you think they would be calling school for it? Having luncheons at school? I don't think so. Now come on, I get it. Black Americans in particular are proud of Obama. They are happy to finally have one of their own in the white house. That is fine. But I think all of the coverage, the parties, the pomp and circumstance that has already taken place is going way over the top. You couldn't pay me to be at that inauguration. And even though my school is also having a "party" with free lunch to celebrate, I will be missing that as well. Not that I am worried, I am sure I will see it replayed ad nauseam over the next few days months years.

OK, so on to
Menu Plan Monday!

Monday: spaghetti and meatballs
Tuesday: beef roast, mashed potatoes, spinach
Wed: Shepherds pie
Thur: hot beef sandwiches, oven fries
Fri: pizza for kids (Mike and I are going out)
Sat: Pizza?

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